Third Year B. Sc. I.T. - Semester 6

The syllabus of Third Year B.Sc., semester 6 is modified w.e.f., 2012-13. It focusses on the advanced topics such as Internet technologies, IT Laws and Patents, Project Management, Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Data Warehousing, Digital Signals and Systems.


Learning by Experience

A major component of Sem 6 is the project work which the student is expected to complete in consultation with a project guide from the college. Although the details of the project are provided by the college, a few guidelines can be found here.

To get a few ideas for software project, click here.



University of Mumbai offers many electives but colleges may permit only certain electives for their students. Student is advised to consult the Course Co-ordinator of his/her college and select electives accordingly. Some colleges permit a student to offer any elective but may not provide coaching for the same. In this case the student has to fend for himself. Ensure that the College library atleast has the reference books for the subject you are offering. Get the question papers of that elective from the University publication section or from this website.

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